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Watercolor Wonderful! May 16, 2014

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We absolutely LOVE watercolors here at the museum.  Because they are such a light medium, they sometimes have a mind of their own!  They flow, and bleed, and blend into each other—some of the reasons why working with them is so awesome! With a simple set of watercolor paints and a few household materials, creating unique pieces of art has never been so much fun!

Here are a few techniques that you can employ for different effects:


When you sprinkle salt on wet watercolor the crystals suck up the paint, gathering the pigments around them.  Brush off the salt when the painting is dry and behold an interesting texture that can vary with the size of the crystals and amount of salt applied.


Use different materials to “mask” sections of the painting that you would like to remain white.  Splatter or drip white glue and allow it to dry before painting to create a wacky abstract piece.  String rubber cement along the paper in crazy patterns and allow it to dry before painting.  You can later peel it off to reveal the pristine white paper beneath! If applied carefully, this technique can also be used to protect white space in small areas of a detailed painting.


Drip some watercolors onto a piece of paper.  Blow at the paint from different angles through a straw and watch the colors scatter and run!

A ton more objects can be used to experiment with watercolors.  Mess around with a spray bottle, sponge, crumpled paper, or anything else that strikes your fancy!