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Meet the Architect: Richard Meier May 23, 2014

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Richard Meier was the original architect of the High Museum of Art.  Much of your adventure in the museum probably takes place in the Stent Family Wing, the part of the building that Meier designed.  The circular ramps and wedge-shaped skylight in the atrium make us look up in wonder at the beautiful space.  Sculptures peek around the pillars as we ascend the floors, inviting us into the galleries for a closer look.  We aren’t the only ones who have fallen in love with his incredible design; in 1984, Meier was awarded the Pritsker Prize for his work on the High, the most distinguished architecture prize out there.

When Meier’s kids used to ask him what his favorite color was, he always disappointed them by answering, “white.” He went on to explain to them that white wasn’t boring at all!  In fact, white can be incredible because it is ever-changing, able to reflect all the colors of the rainbow!  Meier had a favorite shape, too.  Can you guess what it was? Next time you are at the museum go on a “square hunt” with your kiddos.  They are everywhere if you take the time to notice!



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