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Family Programs at the High Museum of Art

April 24, 2012

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Hello Families,

It’s the final week of Picasso to Warhol and it’s getting a little sad to think about these amazing works of art leaving Atlanta. After, all they have been hanging in the High’s galleries since October. So as we get ready to say our goodbyes, I asked the education staff which piece was their favorite and why. Here is what I found out:



My favorite piece is Maquette for Nuit de Noël by Matisse. I love the bright colors and interesting shapes. Matisse sat in bed and created paper cut-outs like this one towards the end of his life, when he was too ill to stand at an easel and paint. How inspiring!

– Emily Hermans, Coordinator of School Programs


I love the Calder jewelry case. Alexander Calder made his first piece of jewelry as a child for his sister’s dolls (what an awesome brother!). He continued to make bracelets, necklaces, pins, and buckles throughout his career for his friends and family. We are lucky to have these pieces that he made for his loved ones and not necessarily for display in a museum.

-Nicole Cromartie, Coordinator of Museum Interpretation


My favorite work of art in the exhibition is Calder’s Snow Flurry I. Calder is my favorite artist in the exhibition because his work is so joyful, and Snow Flurry I is no exception. I love how he can turn simple, white circles and wire into softly drifting snowflakes. Whenever I’m up in the exhibition I try to take a few moments to stand in front of it and watch it slowly twist in the gallery.

– Christina Westpheling, Family Programs Assistant


Carve out some time this week to come by and pick your own favorite piece from Picasso to Warhol.


Don’t miss out!




Another new friend in the Greene Family Learning Gallery?!? April 4, 2012

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That’s right! We have another new puppet friend that will be joining the crowd in the Greene Family Learning Gallery. The dragonfly doesn’t have a name yet (if you have any ideas feel free to send them in) but you can check out a picture of our new friend below:










The idea for this puppet came from a work of art called Pitcher. You can find the artwork in Gallery 305, on the third floor, Stent Wing. Check out both of these the next time you’re at the High!

Happy spring break


PS – If you’re looking for something fun to do this spring break week, stop by the High for fun drop-in art workshops between 1 and 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Find more details here.