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Welcome a new friend to the Greene Family Learning Gallery February 17, 2012

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Hello families!

We have a new puppet to welcome into the Greene Family Learning Gallery. Check him out in the photo below with our Coordinator of Museum Interpretation, Nicole Cromartie:





How did Nicole come up with this puppet idea? She looked at The Century Vase, which is part of the High’s permanent collection, for inspiration. You can see this vase for yourself on the 3rd floor of the Stent Wing. Once you check out the artwork, write us and let us know what kind of puppet you would be inspired to create!


Happy Weekend,



2 Responses to “Welcome a new friend to the Greene Family Learning Gallery”

  1. hoyts Says:

    Thanks for explaining the puppet.
    It would be great to have a paper guide to where to find all the artwork in the museum that co-ordinates with the puppets. That way we could go on a scavenger hunt, view all the art, then come back and play with the puppets. it would be great to have books there on hand in the reading area next to the puppet area that co-ordinate with the puppets. It would also be great to have a puppet theater set up for the kids to do puppet shows. I notice the puppets don’t get a ton of use other than just being picked up, tried on, and tossed around. A theater would encourage further exploration/imaginative play. It would also be cool to have plain pencils and paper on hand for older kids to sketch the puppets. They could be put on little shelves mounted high enough for little hands not to be able to reach.

    • erinkdougherty Says:

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! I will be sure to pass these on to our interpretation team that is in charge of the Greene Family Learning Gallery.

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