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I’m bored January 20, 2012

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Hello art adventurers,

So, the weather forecast for the weekend looks rainy, but have no fear! We are here with a crafty indoor art project for you to try. Since we are in the Modern Art spirit at the High, our project has to do with one of our 14 Modern Masters featured in Picasso to Warhol. Marcel Duchamp, one of my personal favorites, came up with the concept of the readymade. What is a readymade you may ask? Well that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Duchamp began by choosing an everyday manufactured object. He would then choose how to display it, sign it, and title it something clever. For example, one of the pieces in Picasso to Warhol, is a snow shovel. Duchamp signed his name to it, chose to hang it from the ceiling, and then titled it, In Advance of the Broken Arm. Clever right?

Now it’s your turn. Find a spot at home and turn it into a mini readymade gallery. Ask each person in your family to participate or one person could organize the entire exhibition and then give tours to friends and family. Here is how to start:


1- Choose any object that you think is interesting (it could be a shoe, a tennis racket, a fork, etc.)

2 – Decide how you’re going to display it (maybe you want to tie a big knot in a shoe and put on top of the table)

3 – Put a piece of masking tape on the object and sign your name (make sure it’s okay with the owner before you put the tape on)

4 – Write the title on a note card or small piece of paper and display next to the artwork


Once you have a couple of objects set-up, you’re ready to give tours of your readymade gallery. You may need to schedule tours and charge admission if the lines get too long. See? Even rainy days can be fun.


Enjoy the readymade world!






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