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Picasso to Warhol is here! October 20, 2011

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That’s right folks, Picasso to Warhol is finally on view! We have more than 100 world-famous works assembled in our galleries from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

There are fourteen modern masters included in the exhibition. We’d like to introduce to you each one individually. Then when you and your family visit the galleries, you’ll be amongst friends.

We’ll start with Pablo Picasso (since his name is in the title of the exhibition after all). He was born in Spain and began studying art under his father’s instruction, at the age of 7. Picasso was a highly skilled painter who was also a talented drawer, sculptor, ceramicist, and printmaker. He may best be known for being one of the founders of Cubism (which you’ll see examples of in the exhibition at the High), however he was never truly associated with just one artistic group.  He achieved a great deal of fame in his artistic career and you’ll see a large range of his talent displayed in this exhibition.

Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror is the first artwork you’ll see when you enter the exhibition. Be sure to take your time and examine the bold colors and interesting imagery. Then compare and contrast Picasso’s other artwork with your family. Do you see any similarities? Differences?

Hola Picasso!



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