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Who’s YOUR favorite artist? September 30, 2011

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Lauren Whitton is our fabulous lectures assistant. I asked her to think of who her favorite artist is in the High’s collection. Keep reading to find out who she chose and why:

I would have to say that the photographer Cindy Sherman is one of my favorite artists in the High’s collection.  There is a really special photograph of hers that is in the museum’s Works on Paper room.  Although the room is locked most of the time, you can steal a look at the piece through the glass doors on the Lower Level of the Wieland Pavilion.

The piece is one from her “Untitled Film Stills” series, which looks like a snapshot from a 1950s era black and white movie.  In this series she portrays herself in different situations that require the viewer to identify traditional female stereotypes.  But, another interesting part of the series is that the viewer is also inclined to use their imagination while looking at these photographs and create a story around the images.

The reason why I like Cindy Sherman as an artist is because she takes on a different role each time she takes a photograph.  She shoots completely alone in her studio, so she is the director, the make-up artist, the hairstylist, the wardrobe consultant, and the model. She is always in her pictures, but it is not Cindy Sherman we see.  It is a character she has created.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still, 1979

See if you can find Sherman’s photograph on your next visit to the High.

Happy hunting,



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