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Family Programs at the High Museum of Art

This weekend August 19, 2011

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This weekend is your final chance to see Abby, the High’s robot friend who is part of Modern by Design. The exhibition is closing Sunday, so swing by the High to say good-bye and get some inspiration for this project to build at home:


Construction paper

Brads or brass fasteners that look like this:



Step 1: Think about what you want your robot to do. Joris Laarman wanted Abby to make furniture. When he built her, he had to make sure all the parts and pieces helped Abby with that task.

Step 2: Draw each body shape on a piece of paper (head, arms, legs, hands, feet, etc.). They could look like this:




Hands and/or feet:

Step 3: Cut out each body part and attach them together with the brass fasteners

Step 4: Now your robot is assembled and can move. You can add details (maybe clothes, jewelry, etc.) with the marker

Step 5: Name your robot and proudly display him/her anywhere you’d like!


Happy Robot Designing!



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