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What’s your job at the High? May 26, 2011

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Did you know that the High Museum is starting a new Teen Program? It’s happening, and the person who’s coordinating it all is Beth Malone. She’s the newest addition to the High Museum’s Public Programs team and we are happy to have her smiling face around the office. To learn more about the Teen Program, stay tuned to our website. Today you’re getting a sneak peak into the creative and brilliant mind of Beth:

Q: How long have you worked at the High?

A: Almost four months now. Wow, it has gone very fast.

Q: What is it that you do at the Museum?

A: I’m the Coordinator of Teen Programs. There aren’t actual teens here yet, but I’m coordinating it so there will be. The Teen Program is brand new – we want teens to feel at home here and engage with the art in hip, innovative ways that go beyond traditional museum visits. We’ve developed a Teen Team, an advisory council of 15 area teenagers who will learn all about the High and help develop teen-only events here. We’ll start offering studio workshops called ArtLABs on things like fashion design, photography, animation, and painting. And we’re going to host two major teen nights each year, the first one is August 27 – there will be food, dancing, music, and art-making.  

I also get to plan College Nights at the Museum and help with other cool stuff happening in the education department. I think I have the best job at the High but try to keep it a secret.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The ART. The people whose company I share. The excitement of exhibitions to come. Daydreaming about the big events we get to plan and watching those events take shape. Listening to the teens’ impression of artwork, watching their eyes light up. I remember how alive I felt as a teen when I first started learning about art and music – I see that in them and it resonates deeply with me. I’m so excited for all of them, they’re at the beginning of such great discovery.

Q: What is your favorite work of art in the permanent collection and why?

A: Jeff Wall’s Night. I haven’t always cared for photography– I’m more of a conceptual installation kinda gal, but this image shocks me like walking into an all-encompassing installation. I feel the stickiness and humidity of that night. I have to struggle to see it, physically engage by focusing and refocusing my eyes, moving closer and then further away. I wonder about the people in the photo, but more than that I feel so moved by the darkness of it – the unknown.   

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working at the Museum?

A: I do a lot of work within the local arts community so I like to attend events – gallery openings, lectures, plays. I also like to write fiction, make films, and play outside.


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