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I’m Bored April 27, 2011

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Today’s installment of “I’m Bored” is inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec and Friends: The Stein Collection. We are getting ready to say au revoir to the exhibition. If you have not seen it yet, swing by the Museum before it’s gone for good (Sunday, May 1 is your last chance). You’ll find colorful prints, and great sculptures that your entire family will enjoy.

After your trip you can try making your own print project at home:


Fun Foam

Paint brushes

Tempera paint


8 1/2 x 11 sheets of construcion paper or white paper



  • Have your child think about the prints, colors, shapes, and designs that he/she saw at the Museum.  
  • Once the design is decided, have your child use the pencil to draw the image in the fun foam. Make sure that he/she pushes hard enough that the image lines are sunken into the foam.
  • Next paint different colors onto the fun foam.
  • Finally print the image onto the paper and see what the new masterpiece looks like. Is it anything like Toulouse-Lautrec’s work?
  • If you wipe the fun foam off, you can make another print from the same sheet

Now you have a beautiful Toulouse-Lautrec inspired print that you can hang in your house. See what kind of fantastic designs your kids can come up with. Maybe they can use two different fun foam designs on one print? The sky’s the limit!

Happy Printing,