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What’s your job at the High? February 25, 2011

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Do you ever wonder who hangs the art on the walls here at the High Museum? Well it’s your lucky day! Today we’re talking to Justin McNeight one of our Preparators. Read on to learn more about what he does:

Q: How long have you worked at the High?

A: I have worked at the High for almost 8 years.

Q: What is it that you do at the Museum?

A: Preparator.  We’re responsible for the installation/deinstallation and maintenance of the galleries.  Hanging the works, lighting, etc.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: I like the people I work with. I also enjoy using a drill.  A Dewalt preferably. 14 volt, if you please.

Q: What is your favorite work of art in the permanent collection and why?

A: April Gornik’s Storm Passing

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working at the Museum?

A: When I’m not at the museum I play music, hang out with my wife, work in a recording studio, ride my bike, feed the dogs, and dig on chips and salsa.


Spring is here? February 16, 2011

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Come and celebrate Spring’s early arrival with us at tomorrow’s Toddler Thursday. It’s a great way to spend time with your tot. The letter of the day is “G”. In the workshop, we’ll be using glue to make art instead of simply to stick two things together.  After the workshop join us to read Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann up in the galleries. It’s going to be a grrrrrreat day celebrating “G”.

It will be Great to Get a Glance of you tomorrow!!



For the Love of Art February 11, 2011

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and in the spirit of this day of love, we’re going to talk with our very own public programs assistant Courtney McClellan. Courtney works at the Museum by day, but she’s also an artist. She’s going to share what she loves about making art and how working at a Museum has changed her perspective…

I love making art because I enjoy envisioning a project and then making it come to life.  I really enjoy the moment right before I begin. In that second, I dream about what I will create. I think about what it will look like, what it will mean to me and what it might mean to other people.

Then, as I am working on the piece of art it teaches me things. It teaches me patience and understanding. It tells me to slow down sometimes, and other times, I learn it is ok not to always be so careful. Sometimes it makes me feel proud and other times it reminds me that things can’t always go my way, and that’s ok.

After working at an art museum I have learned about all of the important things that happen after a work of art is finished. I love the moment when a work is complete because I get to hear what others think about the piece. Hearing their thoughts and opinions can add to the art, enhance it or make it more meaningful. Someone’s suggestion, opinion or idea can even change the work entirely. I love making art because it is always an exchange of ideas and a way to communicate with the world around me.





Check out more of Courtney’s artwork here.

Perhaps this will inspire you to make some art of your own art or to seek out some new art in order to celebrate February 14th!




Change is upon us February 4, 2011

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Dalí has left the building, and we are working on installing new and exciting exhibitions for you to enjoy. Want a sneak peak as to what’s coming up? Read on for a little insider information.

We have not one but two fabulous exhibitions opening at the High this week:

Toulouse-Lautrec and Friends: The Stein Collection – This is a chance to take a mini holiday to Paris without leaving our galleries. You can admire the colors and festive scenes that Toulouse-Lautrec captured in his prints.

Fifty Works for Fifty States: The Dorothy and Herb Vogel Collection – The Vogels devoted much of the time and money to supporting contemporary artists by investing in their work. This led to a collection of art that was too big to fit in their New York apartment. Now, the couple has generously decided to give 50 works from their collection to one institution in each of the 50 states. Here in Georgia, the High is the lucky recipient. Make sure you stop by to see these new additions to our permanent collection.

So, if you’re missing Dalí, have no fear, we’ll keep the excitement rolling with these new exhibitions. Make sure that you clear some time in your busy schedules to swing by the High and enjoy.

See ya soon,