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Who is YOUR favorite artist? October 15, 2010

Filed under: Favorite artist — erinkdougherty @ 10:59 am

Today I asked our school programs expert, Emily Hermans, to weigh in on who her favorite artist in the High’s collection is. Read on to find out how Emily responded:

It is really difficult for me to choose my favorite artist; there are just so many! One of my favorite artists on display at the High is Alfred Jensen.  If you’ve visited the Museum, you’ve surely seen The Great Pyramid, his enormous painting that is on view on the Skyway Level. 

This painting combines two things I love: bold colors and ancient Egypt. What does it have to do with ancient Egypt?  Look at all of the little dashes and curvy marks—those are the same symbols that the ancient Egyptians used for numbers.  And the concentric rectangles?  They look like an aerial view of a pyramid.

As a museum educator, I am always thinking about the elements of art: line, shape, color, and texture.  This painting utilizes all four of these to great success.  How many different types of lines can you see?  How many colors are there?  Is the texture rough or smooth? 

Alfred Jensen worked in a very methodical, mathematical way. The colors, shapes, and patterns are mesmerizing. Take a long look at this painting the next time you are at the High, and your eyes may start to play tricks on you!


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