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Program Spotlight: Toddler Thursday September 1, 2010

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Hello friendly blog readers! Erin is out today, therefore, I, Ellsworth Kitty, will be taking over the Highly Hands-On Blog for this week. Hooray! In case we’ve never met, I am your feline host for the terrific Toddler Thursday. Have you ever been? If not, I’ll give you five reasons to stop in this month:



September 2: Sunny Shapes

Use the sun to help you create a geometric work of art.


September 9: Stunning Sticks

Change an ordinary stick into something creative. All you need is a little paint and your imagination.


September 16: Combining Color  

What do you get when you combine yellow and red? Find out today when you mix and match colors during a brightly hued experiment.


September 23: Classic Cars

What did photographs look like before they had color? Today you’ll decorate a paper car using only black and white.


September 30: Feather Flight

What do you get when you combine watercolors, feathers, and a paper plate? A crafty mask, of course! The sky’s the limit as you embellish a mask to disguise yourself in the Museum.

A special thank you to Carter’s and OshKosh whose generous support makes Toddler Thursdays possible. I hope to see you tomorrow so that we can enjoy the sunshine and make our sun prints together!

Yours truly,

Ellsworth Kitty


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