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Who is YOUR favorite artist? August 26, 2010

Filed under: Favorite artist — erinkdougherty @ 2:34 pm

For today’s installment of “Who is YOUR favorite artist?” I spoke with Courtney McClellan, a lover of art supplies and most importantly an artist herself. Below you will find out more about her favorite artist in the High’s collection:

My favorite artist is Joseph Cornell because he reminds us that collecting is an art form. When I make art I gather materials from all sorts of places: nature, my closet, a thrift store, even the recycling bin. Joseph Cornell liked to make art this way too.

When I look at the boxes he made I get to think of faraway places, time long passed, and the people who these things belonged to. In his boxes are found materials like birds, balls, paper dolls, newspapers, and parts of broken clocks. By making these collections he reminds us that beautiful things are around us all of the time, even things we don’t initially see as beautiful.

 I try to imagine why Cornell put these particular items together. Are they revealing a secret? Do they tell a story? Are they a visual poem? Could they be someone’s treasures, or are they a mini-museum of forgotten things?

I like Joseph Cornell because he makes me wonder.

If you would like to see one of Joseph Cornell’s “treasure boxes” visit gallery 404 at the High Museum of Art.


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