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Program Spotlight: Dalí is here! August 5, 2010

Filed under: General,In Studio Projects — erinkdougherty @ 3:55 pm

Just in case you haven’t heard, Salvador Dalí has officially arrived in Atlanta. Well, not the man himself, but his fantastic paintings, films, photos, jewelry, and so much more are on view at the High. Saturday is your first chance to catch a glimpse of the mysterious mustache in our galleries. If you pop into the Museum on August 7, make sure you stop by our first Dalí-inspired drop-in workshop between 1 and 4 p.m. We’ll be building a dreamy Dalí collage out of shaving cream. If that doesn’t peak your curiosity, I don’t know what will!

What’s that? Saturday doesn’t work for you? Not a problem. Sunday, August 8, is Second Sunday Funday. Since Dalí was highly inspired by his dreams, we’re going to tap into yours today by crafting a dream journal and a dream catcher.

Pack up the kids and head to the High this weekend. Believe me—Dalí will make it worth the trip.

Surreally yours,



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