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I’m Bored! July 16, 2010

Filed under: I'm bored — erinkdougherty @ 5:02 pm

We are about halfway through the summer and I’m guessing if you are a parent or caregiver you have heard “I’m bored” from the kids at least once this summer. To remedy this, I’m here to throw out a couple of project suggestions for your week.

-Send your kids on a nature treasure hunt through your neighborhood. Write a list of things for them to look for and see what other discoveries they make on the way. Give them a digital camera to capture images of what they find. Here’s a suggestion of some things to include on the list:


Pink or red flower

Rock that reminds you of an animal

Tree that is taller than you are

Someone riding their bicycle

Dog doing something silly

-Lay in a park or in your yard and look for art in the clouds. See if you can find animals, shapes, people, or even a Van Gogh.

-Invent a new game. Take chalk out to the sidewalk and create a life-size board game. Draw squares, make-up rules, and try it out. Maybe you can start a whole new trend!

Try out these summer activity ideas and let me know if you have fun. I love to hear about what you’re doing this summer.

Stay away from boredom,



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