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Summer-y July 29, 2010

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This has been a busy summer, and we’re only gearing up for more art making. Friday, July 28, and Saturday, July 29, are the last days of our Design-it-Yourself drop-in studios. But don’t fret. August begins our Surreal Summer drop-in studios.

In order to celebrate the opening of Salvador Dalí: The Late Work on August 7, we are creating Salvador Dalí-inspired projects every Saturday in August.

Here is the surreal lineup for August:

August 7: Dreamy Dalí Collage

Build a 3-D collage inspired by the works you see in the Dalí exhibition.

August 14: Dangly Shrinky-Dink Necklaces

Draw a creative Dalí design on special paper and watch the magic as we shrink it down to make a necklace pendant.

August 21: Dreamy Dalí Journals

Dalí often painted what he saw in his dreams. Stop by our workshop to make your own dream notebook to record inspiration for your own future artworks.

August 28: Bold Bracelets

Dalí designed fantastic jewelry pieces. Today it’s your turn to create an original piece of bling.

Just a quick note: these activities are only happening on Saturdays.

Come celebrate Surrealism with us,



Design Snapshots July 24, 2010

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We have been having a blast designing away in our family studios this summer. Below are some pictures so you can see what we’ve been up to. Have no fear, you haven’t missed out completely! Check our website for upcoming design and Dalí related projects.





I’m Bored! July 16, 2010

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We are about halfway through the summer and I’m guessing if you are a parent or caregiver you have heard “I’m bored” from the kids at least once this summer. To remedy this, I’m here to throw out a couple of project suggestions for your week.

-Send your kids on a nature treasure hunt through your neighborhood. Write a list of things for them to look for and see what other discoveries they make on the way. Give them a digital camera to capture images of what they find. Here’s a suggestion of some things to include on the list:


Pink or red flower

Rock that reminds you of an animal

Tree that is taller than you are

Someone riding their bicycle

Dog doing something silly

-Lay in a park or in your yard and look for art in the clouds. See if you can find animals, shapes, people, or even a Van Gogh.

-Invent a new game. Take chalk out to the sidewalk and create a life-size board game. Draw squares, make-up rules, and try it out. Maybe you can start a whole new trend!

Try out these summer activity ideas and let me know if you have fun. I love to hear about what you’re doing this summer.

Stay away from boredom,



Is it July already? July 7, 2010

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I cannot believe that July has arrived. As a Northern girl, I have to admit that the weather here is a little too steamy for me. However, I have a great place to stay cool. You guessed it—the Museum is the place to be! We have air conditioning, art, and do-it-yourself design studio projects. What more could you want? We were busy in June, designing something new every weekend. And July will be no exception, with this exciting lineup of projects:

July 9 and 10: Coiled Containers Build your own container out of old magazines. We’re helping the environment by making something creative out of recycled materials.

July 16 and 17: Magnetic Masterpiece Everyone needs a magnet for the fridge. Drop in and build a collaged 3-D magnet. July 23 and 24: That’s a Wrap Stamp and sticker your way to a brand new roll of wrapping paper designed by you.

July 30 and 31: Bright Mobiles Experiment with LEDs (tiny lights that work with a battery) in this workshop. You’ll leave with a shining mobile to hang at home.

Drop-in any time between 1 and 4 p.m. to join us for creative fun.

See you at the High for a fun-filled July,