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Who is YOUR favorite artist? June 26, 2010

Filed under: Favorite artist — erinkdougherty @ 3:21 pm

For today’s installment of “Who is YOUR favorite artist?” I spoke with Jenna Madison, a museum education superstar. Below you will find out more about her favorite artist in the High’s collection:

Ok… my favorite artist in the High’s collection is Gerhard Richter. I love Richter because he is so incredibly versatile. He’s an amazing draftsman—he can reproduce an image from a photograph in oil paint with all the detail and clarity of the original. But it’s his abstract work that moves me the most. He never ceases to experiment with the possibilities of his medium and frequently invites the element of chance into his painting process.

Among my favorite works are those from Richter’s Abstract Painting series begun in the mid-1980s, including the beautiful reddish/purple/blue canvas called Abstract Painting (849-2) in the High’s collection. To make this painting, Richter spread the paint randomly across the surface, using a squeegee-like tool to smear and blend the colors until they produced a brilliant, multi-tonal effect. This particular process, and the resulting layers of color, has always reminded me of finger painting. It’s very spontaneous and you get the sense that Richter uses his brushes and tools much in the same way that children use their fingers and hands to draw channels in the paint by applying pressure to the wet surface.  It’s simply wonderful…


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