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Blog Love May 28, 2010

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After browsing the internet, I’ve fallen in love with certain crafting blogs. One in particular has a fantastic summer project for you to try at home this weekend. The blog is WhiMSy Love. When you go to the site, there are instructions to make a really cool bug necklace. It’s a great project for the outdoorsy kid in your house. The directions are simple and to the point (you can find them here – http://whimsy-girl.blogspot.com/2009/08/bug-catcher-necklace-tutorial.html), and you don’t need many supplies. So be adventurous this weekend—enjoy crafting and outdoor summer fun!

I’ll continue to update you on my favorite crafting sites. Let me know your favorites, too!

Happy weekend,



Who is YOUR favorite artist? May 18, 2010

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As an art educator working in a museum, the question that I’m asked most often is “Who is your favorite artist?” This is easy for me to answer.

 Vincent van Gogh has always moved me. His paintings and his life are so intertwined and complicated. His moods are evident in the colors he uses as well as in his brushstrokes on the canvas. To me, his paintings have that “it” factor—by that I mean that when I stand in front of his art, something magical happens. He has left part of himself on the canvas for me to try and understand. I like art that makes me think and feel. It sounds simple, but it’s hard to do as an artist.

The White Orchard, 1888 Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)


This is only my opinion of Van Gogh. He’s not for everyone, but that’s the brilliance of art—you can choose your own favorite. I’m going to ask my colleagues here at the High who their favorite artist is and report back to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write and tell me who your favorite is or maybe you will even find a new artist to enjoy.

 Also, if you’d like to read more about Vincent van Gogh or see more of his art, here is a great link:  http://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/vgm/index.jsp?lang=en

Happy pondering,



Make Memories! It’s Mother’s Day May 6, 2010

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Lucky for us, our monthly Second Sunday program happens to fall on Mother’s Day this year. If you are looking for something special and fun to do this Sunday, May 9, swing by the High and create art with your mom, grandma, or any other important woman in your life!

We are planning lots of fun activities and performances to celebrate this special day. You can make a custom picture frame for your favorite family photo and piece together a colorful collage card to celebrate. Join us for a special tea service with terrific treats for purchase and a performance by the Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia’s choir and orchestra.

All of this takes place at the High from 1–4 p.m. Check out our website for more information www.high.org

See you this weekend,



I’m Bored! May 1, 2010

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It’s time for another useful installment of “I’m bored!” Have you ever heard this statement come out of a child’s mouth? If your answer is yes, this is the entry for you. We’re here to provide you with a DIY craft project that you can do over the weekend. Read on to arm yourself with a solution to childhood boredom.

Since spring is upon us, we thought it appropriate to share with you an outdoor project that you can put in your yard, garden, or on your front stoop. Enjoy!

Garden Stepping Stone


Disposable pie tin or tinfoil baking tray

Quick-set cement (this can be found at your local hardware store)

Petroleum jelly

Stones, marbles, buttons, sticks, etc. to decorate the final product


  1. Adults, mix the quick-set cement according to the directions on the package.
  2. Get children prepared to work as soon as the cement is poured by rolling up their sleeves and putting petroleum jelly on their hands for protection from the cement.
  3. Place the pie tin or baking tray on a flat surface that is covered by plastic. This will protect the surface from any spillage.
  4. Pour the cement into the tin and tap it until it settles nice and flat.
  5. Let children place their hands in the cement or write messages with sticks
  6. Have them decorate their creation with marbles, stones, buttons, etc.
  7. Allow the cement to set before you tap it out of the mold.

The finished product can be a great gift or an addition to your garden. We hope you have fun with this project. If you have any photos of the finished product, please send them to erin.dougherty@woodruffcenter.org. Your artwork could end up featured on the blog!

Have a great weekend and stay away from boredom!